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Minneapolis Area Synod Gathering

Speaker: Pastor Kelly Chatman | July 05, 2020

Grace, peace, and mercy from God, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, amen. Good morning. I want to begin with a thank you to Bishop Svennungsen for this opportunity to serve as your preacher this...

Category: Matthew

A Cup Can Be More Than A Cup

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | June 28, 2020

And whoever shares a cup of cold water with one of these little ones also shares it with me…famous words of Jesus about a simple act of hospitality. Such a cup signals welcome not only...

Category: Matthew

Not Peace, But Division

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | June 21, 2020

My mother tells the story of when she was the leader of a women’s circle group from church that met at our home. At one point an older woman named Mayella joined the group. Mayella...

Category: Matthew, Romans

A Hope That Doesn’t Disappoint

Speaker: Nick Ralston | June 14, 2020

I will confess, I struggled with this Sunday’s sermon. How could I possibly be pontificating about the deeper systematic theology of Justification in this passage, in a time of this many crises. Urgent and pressings...

Category: Pentecost


Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | June 07, 2020

There is a wonderful bit of comedy during one of Monty Python’s movies where there’s a crisis within an underground resistance group that calls for quick and immediate action. So, the leader of the resistance,...

Category: Pentecost

Where Is God When All Hell Breaks Loose?

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | May 31, 2020

So, we have arrived once again at Pentecost Sunday. But this time around, it seems like we’re in an altogether different world, doesn’t it? As if the pandemic wasn’t enough to deal with. We’re learning...

Category: Corinthians

Love Holds All Together

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | May 17, 2020

Where does one usually hear these verses read? Weddings! In fact, for many of us, these verses are virtually synonymous with weddings, perfectly capturing the mood, where there is already so much love in the...

Category: Acts

The Families of God

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | May 10, 2020

Some of us may have memories of Bible Camp or a weekend retreat where you got all fired up for Jesus! Basically, you were on a spiritual high – a mountaintop experience. How could it...

Category: Acts

Turning the World Upside Down

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | May 04, 2020

Turning the world upside down. This was the charge against the early Christians who were spreading the Good News about Jesus all across the Greek speaking world of the Roman Empire. The Christian message of...