Sermons by Pastor John Strommen


A Humble Beginning

Speaker: | September 16, 2018

In this opening sequence from the “Sound of Music,” did you notice how it begins with a sweeping shot of the majestic Austrian Alps with a woman in the distance? Then the camera zooms in...


God Chooses a New Path

Speaker: | September 09, 2018

Noah’s ark! Such a cute story. Animals of every species, two by two. Like a big floating zoo! This story has been homogenized and tamed for Sunday School curriculums, but of course, if you’re really...


Naomi’s Redeemers

Speaker: | August 12, 2018

The conclusion of the book of Ruth brings the redemption and restoration of Ruth and Naomi through no less than 4 different redeemers. Or is it one redeemer working through 3 human redeemers? You be...


Carpe diem and God

Speaker: | August 05, 2018

In the movie, “Dead Poet’s Society,” the teacher played by Robin Williams defines the Latin term, “Carpe diem.” Have you forgotten what that phrase means? OK, listen and watch, as the teacher instructs his students....


Naomi and Ruth: a Study in Contrasts

Speaker: | July 22, 2018

In the beginning to the story about Ruth, we are presented with two central and very distinct characters: Ruth and Naomi. Naomi’s character is forged by brokenness, barrenness, emptiness. Ruth’s character is all about commitment,...


The Real Deal

Speaker: | July 15, 2018

Let us love one another because love is from God. In this is love, not that we loved God but that God loved us. If we love one another, God lives in us. God is...


The God Who Is Embodied

Speaker: | July 08, 2018

Today we are urged by the writer of I John not to trust every spirit that comes our way, but to “test the spirits”, to see whether it is of God or not. Do you...


Get Real

Speaker: | July 01, 2018

In our passage from I John today, we find a paradox: if we are to walk in the light, we must turn to the darkness – our own darkness, specifically. The writer of John makes...