Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals


For many people, God’s presence is never more real than at milestone events in life: baptism, first day of school, confirmation, graduation, wedding, birth of a child, memorial services.

Indeed during life’s passages we become aware of losing what was and gaining what lies before us. We are poignantly aware of goodness of life, love and relationships—and God’s promise of a future filled with those very things! Mt. Carmel will be your partner during these important times, and it will be our privilege to gather, celebrate and mourn together with you.

We conduct weddings, baptisms, and funerals for all who have an interest in our faith community (membership not necessary) but not for someone just looking for a venue.



e welcome both infant and adult baptisms for those in our faith community or for those wishing to join. Lutherans view baptism as a sacrament, a visible sign of God’s grace that births us as a new creation in Christ called to love our neighbor.

If you desire baptism at Mt. Carmel, please contact the church office and plan to attend our baptism class, offered quarterly. We celebrate baptisms in worship on the first Sunday of each month as a public testimony of baptism and as an opportunity for the whole congregation to make a commitment to the one baptized.

Please fill out the contact form below to set up a meeting with our pastor.



t. Carmel performs weddings for those couples wishing to be a part of our faith community long-term but not for those just looking for a venue.

We only host ceremonies, not receptions. Please peruse the wedding planning booklet below for more information.

Fill out the contact form below to meet with our pastor.



t. Carmel performs funerals and memorial services for members and some non-members. Please call the office or pastor immediately if you would like to hold a funeral at Mt. Carmel.

Families will meet with the pastor to plan the service. Funeral bulletins are provided by the church free of charge.

Our Fellowship Hall is open for luncheons following funerals. We will put you in contact with our funeral committee if you wish to hold a luncheon. They can provide catering suggestions. The family will provide and arrange delivery of all food and beverages other than coffee. Members of the funeral committee will prepare the fellowship hall, serve the food, and clean up. We ask that the family take home any leftover food.

Honoraria for Funerals


  • Sing only: $100
  • Play only: $125
  • Play and sing: $150


  • Weekday: $100
  • Weekend: $150
  • Substitute custodian: $100

Funeral Committee

  • Suggested: $1 per person
  • Minimum $50


  • $200-250 (discretionary)