Part-time (20 hours/week) Faith Formation Director

This is a new position in a small to medium sized church located in a vibrant and youthful Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood with a growing number of young families among our members. As we are seeking to be more missional and spiritually grounded in faith practices, we are particularly seeking an innovator who will encourage ownership and facilitate empowerment of members. Responsibilities would include leading a steering team to oversee the creation of a cradle-to-grave vision of faith formation/nurture for all stages of life. This person needs to be a catalyst, equipper and coordinator as we seek to reimagine new initiatives, groups, ministries and programs for both age specific needs and cross-generational opportunities. Requirements: college degree, leadership experience working in youth & family/intergenerational ministries. This position is joined by a full time pastor, church administrator and custodian, and part time worship and music director. Send resume to pastorjohn@mountcarmelmpls.org