Mt. Carmel Child Care –  TEACHER

Like teaching and working with children? Mt. Carmel has an immediate opening for a child care teacher. Full time hours Monday-Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Send resume to Brenda Wetzel at childcare@mountcarmelmpls.org.

Position Summary: The Teacher is responsible for directing Assistant teachers and Aides at Mt. Carmel Child Care Center and for assuring quality care and curriculum for the children at the Center and carry out all duties in a responsible, professional manner.  This position reports to the Director and Assistant Director.

Qualifications: The person selected for this position must meet the minimum requirements set by the State (See attached).  This person must be able to work effectively as a team player with other staff in providing a positive and stimulating learning environment for all children at our Center. Must be able to lift or assist children throughout the day.

Employee must have a background study completed through the Background Studies Division of the Minnesota Department of Human Services (NETStudy 2.0).

Essential Job Functions:

  • Take a lead role in the development and implementation of Center curriculum.
  • Direct staff and encourage participation so that everyone is working as a team player in providing planned curriculum activities and meeting other needs of the children.
  • Work as a team player with other staff members ensuring that planned curriculum activities are happening and other needs of the children are being met. These needs could include diapering, toileting, hand washing, snacks, and other concerns of the children
  • The ability to lift or assist small children onto diapering area, reach supplies, anticipate potential environmental problems, and to be able to physically interact with the children both outside and on the floor are essential functions of this job.

Other Job Duties:

  • Be a positive role-model in teaching children about teamwork/problem solving, respecting boundaries, having appropriate behavior, & establishing self-confidence.
  • Provide a caring, nurturing, safe, educational and respectful environment for all children enrolled in the Center.  This means providing redirection for misbehavior in a constructive, non-shaming way.
  • Provide professional ongoing verbal and written communication with parents regarding their child’s activities, behavior, or other topics.
  • Ensure cleanliness and organization of the classrooms.  This includes the following tasks: disinfecting tables, chairs, and cots, taking out the garbage, mopping the floor after lunch or as needed.
  • Administer medication in accordance with parent/pharmacy instructions.  Record on the Medicine Report.
  • Be aware of and comply with Licensing Standards set by the State Dept. of Human Services.
  • Assist with training of new staff as requested.
  • Complete in-service training as required/requested.
  • Fulfill obligations of a mandated reporter of Child Abuse or Neglect. Report any suspicions of this to supervisor or Child Protection as necessary.
  • Fill out time-cards regularly and accurately.
  • Adhere to work schedule established by the Director or Asst. Director.  Bring requests for time off to their attention in advance if possible.
  • Maintain all confidential information according to data privacy laws, including any identifying information about other children.
  • Provide constructive input regarding how the Center could improve its services.
  • Other duties as assigned.