April 2021 Tidings

Pastor’s Ponderings

A Loss of Purpose

I have been with you for five months now! In the next couple of months, I will be contacting some of you to hear your various voices on who you understand you are, and what you believe is important to do as a member of Mt. Carmel. Our conversations are full of stories, memories, and hopes. Real change begins with the simple action of people talking about what they actually care about. As you plan for the future, know that planning is discernment—people expressing their differences and their perceptions. 

Here is a wonderful fable written by an unknown author, called, “A Fable of a Loss of Purpose.”

Once upon a time, a group of concerned citizens decided to build a lighthouse in order to aid those in distress at sea. Even more, this group decided not only to provide a beacon of light for those who were lost, but also to form rescue squads who would brave dangerous waters to save those imperiled by shipwrecks.

In the beginning, the purpose of the group was clear; everyone who joined them knew that they, too, would be trained to save people in distress. Within a short time, however, some who joined the group began to question whether it was necessary to answer every distress signal. “Perhaps,” they said, “it would be acceptable to have only certain hours when they would be on duty.”

Next, they began to wonder if it were necessary for everyone to be a part of the rescue mission. “Perhaps,” they thought, “only certain members should go out, while most just watched from shore.”

After a time, the rescue mission stopped altogether, and the group said, “Enough of going out to sea. If the people are lost, we’ve got a light on our house to guide them. They can simply follow the light.”

Next, the group began to be more concerned about the comfort of the lighthouse and their own safety. They began to argue about the interior design and the exterior decorations of the lighthouse. In addition, they did not want wet and soggy people, rescued from the sea, messing up the lighthouse.

The more they argued, the dimmer the light on the house became. One day the light went out, and no one even noticed.

Finally, the group had a nice, comfortable house, and they changed its’ name from “Lighthouse” to “Clubhouse.” 

During this interim time, let us allow space and time for the intrusion of God, or the movement of the Spirit to continue to create a “lighthouse.” 

You are in my prayers. Please keep me in yours!
Pr. Christine


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