Feeding our neighbors

Feeding our neighbors

Fridays, 10 a.m-Noon

Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church has joined with Gethsemane Lutheran Church and Second Harvest Heartland to provide pre-packaged food boxes to our neighbors in need, no questions asked. The boxes are meant to feed a family of four for up to three days.

To help ease this burden, a team from Mt. Carmel will be distributing pre-packaged food boxes from Second Harvest Heartland. Mt. Carmel is located at 1701 St. Anthony Parkway NE, Minneapolis.

simple map with a star on the street behind the church

Pickup location

Pick-up Details: To pick up a box, drive to the back of the church (on 31st Ave.). To maintain physical distancing, please stay in your car. A volunteer will put the food box in your trunk or back seat. If you are walking or biking, our volunteer will leave the food for you to pick up. Please maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from our volunteers and other people.

Our pastor, John Strommen, will be on hand to pray with families if they wish.

Side by side images. First is the contents of the box, the second is a descriptive label

Contents of the food boxes.

Thank you

Thanks to our food partner, Gethsemane Lutheran Church, for brokering the prepacked food items, and to Second Harvest Heartland for providing the food.

Other ways you can help

Supporting our food-insecure neighbors is important to the Mt. Carmel community. There are several organizations we support with donations and volunteer time throughout the year. Please consider donating to these partners during this uncertain time so they can continue their important work.

The Sheridan Story

With the goal of serving children meals—especially during the school year—The Sheridan Story has been working hard ensure all children have access to food while school are closed. Working to distribute food through school districts and YMCA locations state-wide, The Sheridan Story is preparing more than 977,000 meals. You can support their work by donating to The Sheridan Story today.

Little Kitchen Food Shelf

The Little Kitchen Food Shelf is a no-boundaries, no-restrictions food shelf located at Grace Lutheran church. Their mission is to serve all people (and companion animals). You can support their work by donating to the Little Kitchen Food Shelf today.


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