Mt. Carmel performs funerals and memorial services for members and some non-members. Please call the office or pastor immediately if you would like to hold a funeral at Mt. Carmel.

Families will meet with the pastor to plan the service. Funeral bulletins are provided by the church free of charge.

Our Fellowship Hall is open for luncheons following funerals. We will put you in contact with our funeral committee if you wish to hold a luncheon. They can provide catering suggestions. The family provides and arranges delivery of all food and beverages other than coffee. Members of the funeral committee prepare the fellowship hall, serve the food, and clean up. We ask that the family take home any leftover food.

Honoraria for Funerals


  • Sing only: $100
  • Play only: $125
  • Play and sing: $150


  • Weekday: $100
  • Weekend: $150
  • Substitute custodian: $100

Funeral Committee

  • Suggested: $1 per person
  • Minimum $50


  • $200-250 (discretionary)