Housing Affordability: Challenges and Opportunities

Housing Affordability: Challenges and Opportunities

In this two-part series, Katie Topinka kicked off our new Wednesday evening series with a presentation on our calling as Christians to pursue socio-economic justice on behalf of our neighbors. Specifically, she will be speaking on issues of affordable housing.

Housing costs, especially for renters, are rising more quickly than incomes. Unsheltered homelessness has increased across the country, including in the Twin Cities in recent years, and racial inequities persist in housing. Topinka will share the history behind these challenges, including policies and disinvestment that have led us to where we are today. She will also explore ways we can make positive change, both as individuals and as a society, including an overview of policies the City of Minneapolis is pursuing.

Katie Topinka is a member of Mt. Carmel and currently works for the City of Minneapolis on affordable housing policy. She previously worked for the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency and Senator Al Franken.

Part 1: Sept. 16, 2020

Download Katie’s PowerPoint Slides from Part 1

Part 2: Sept. 23, 2020


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