November 2020 Tidings

From the President

New Beginnings

I am excited to inform you that we have hired a new interim pastor! Her name is Christine Wenzel, and her first Sunday with us will be Nov.8.

She has been a pastor for 23 years, and an interim pastor serving various congregations for the last six years. She has also been involved with Bridgebuilders for many years. She comes highly recommended, and I believe that you all will share my excitement once you get to know her! Stay tuned for ways that you will be able to meet her—we are starting to plan ways to do that.

We are now entering a new chapter in the history of Mt. Carmel, and guess what? We get to be the authors of the new book! There are many things ahead to do, and we will get to decide together, along with our new pastor, how the book will be written. On the near horizon will be discussing ways that we will use the Insight Report to guide us forward. I have held off on releasing that report until our new pastor (and our partner) has had a chance to absorb it. Trust me that it will be shared with you shortly, and in a transparent way. Please know that I am not interested in hiding anything—you all deserve to see the full results of that report, and you will.

It is important that our entire church family chart our future course, and those of you who did not get interviewed by the consultants this summer will have a chance to have your voices heard. As you’ve likely heard before, we are all in this together!

Blessings to you all. Let us remain hopeful and trust that God and the Holy Spirit will be guiding us moving forward!

—Tim Quinlan, council president


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