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Finding Feasts in the Wilderness

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | August 02, 2020

I’ll never forget the experience of having completed a week at Camp Christikon in Montana with 35 junior high kids. We had just had a great week in the mountains and were now heading home...

Category: Matthew

The Hidden and the Small

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | July 27, 2020

So, how do you like today’s rapid-fire images of the what the kingdom of heaven is like? This is a great topic, because people of faith are often mystified by what the kingdom of heaven...

Category: Matthew

Time We Talk About Weed

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | July 19, 2020

As I reflect on this text today of the wheat and the weeds, I remember well when my then 5-year-old son, Thomas, was first coming to grips with the fact that there were bad people...

Category: Matthew

Life Itself Can Be Good Soil

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | July 12, 2020

So, what does it take for something to grow? A farmer or a gardener is preoccupied with this question. So, too, are people of faith. How does faith grow? This is the question behind the...

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Minneapolis Area Synod Gathering

Speaker: Pastor Kelly Chatman | July 05, 2020

Grace, peace, and mercy from God, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, amen. Good morning. I want to begin with a thank you to Bishop Svennungsen for this opportunity to serve as your preacher this...

Category: Matthew

A Cup Can Be More Than A Cup

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | June 28, 2020

And whoever shares a cup of cold water with one of these little ones also shares it with me…famous words of Jesus about a simple act of hospitality. Such a cup signals welcome not only...

Category: Matthew

Not Peace, But Division

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | June 21, 2020

My mother tells the story of when she was the leader of a women’s circle group from church that met at our home. At one point an older woman named Mayella joined the group. Mayella...

Category: Matthew, Romans

A Hope That Doesn’t Disappoint

Speaker: Nick Ralston | June 14, 2020

I will confess, I struggled with this Sunday’s sermon. How could I possibly be pontificating about the deeper systematic theology of Justification in this passage, in a time of this many crises. Urgent and pressings...

Category: Pentecost


Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | June 07, 2020

There is a wonderful bit of comedy during one of Monty Python’s movies where there’s a crisis within an underground resistance group that calls for quick and immediate action. So, the leader of the resistance,...

Category: Pentecost

Where Is God When All Hell Breaks Loose?

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | May 31, 2020

So, we have arrived once again at Pentecost Sunday. But this time around, it seems like we’re in an altogether different world, doesn’t it? As if the pandemic wasn’t enough to deal with. We’re learning...