Category: 1 John

Second Sunday of Christmas

Speaker: Pastor Christine Wenzel | January 11, 2021

 This reading, which I just read from the Gospel of John, is the Christmas Day reading every year.  Today is the 10th Day of Christmas.  After the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations, and...

Category: Isaiah

God’s New Vision and Fresh Word

November 16, 2020

 If this reading from Isaiah sounds a little familiar, it may be because much of our worship derives its shape from Isaiah 6.  Like Isaiah, our worship begins with a hymn of praise.  We...

Category: 1 Kings

All Saints Day 2020

Speaker: Grace Alworth | November 01, 2020

 A woman, hunched over, picks up some sticks, adding them to the bundle of kindling she holds tightly to her chest. She’s out of food. She and her son are hungry. Her husband has...

Category: Samuel

Can You Hear It?

Speaker: Pastor Jonathan Holtmeier | October 25, 2020

My name is Jonathan Holtmeier, and I’m happy to be with you, doing this strange experiment called “church” in the year 2020. I don’t think I’ve met any of you before, so here I am,...

Category: Samuel

Hannah’s and Mary’s Song

Speaker: Grace Alworth | October 18, 2020

 Grace and peace to you from God who is like no other, God, who is with us in our brokenness, and God who lifts us up out of the ash heap. Amen. Today, we...

Category: Exodus

Hope In the Wilderness

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | October 11, 2020

 And so here we are. The year is 2020 and the pandemic has turned our world upside down and proven to be anything but short-lived. Jokes and humor are much needed to help us...

Category: Genesis

Making a Bad Thing Work for the Good

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | September 27, 2020

And you thought your family was dysfunctional! Today we look at the family of Jacob. This story today makes me think of these keynote words from God in Genesis: “Through you and your descendants, all...

Category: Genesis

Lessons From the Garden

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | September 13, 2020

We learn in this memorable lesson that we are made from “Adamah,” which means dirt, dust. We are from the earth – an animal, a creature. The name Adam is taken from this root word....

Category: Matthew


Speaker: Pastor Dave Olson | September 08, 2020

About six weeks ago, Pastor John asked me if I could cover for him today. I told him I’d be glad to do so. Then when I read the assigned readings, I thought to myself,...