Category: Corinthians

Love Holds All Together

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | May 17, 2020

Where does one usually hear these verses read? Weddings! In fact, for many of us, these verses are virtually synonymous with weddings, perfectly capturing the mood, where there is already so much love in the...

Category: Acts

The Families of God

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | May 10, 2020

Some of us may have memories of Bible Camp or a weekend retreat where you got all fired up for Jesus! Basically, you were on a spiritual high – a mountaintop experience. How could it...

Category: Acts

Turning the World Upside Down

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | May 04, 2020

Turning the world upside down. This was the charge against the early Christians who were spreading the Good News about Jesus all across the Greek speaking world of the Roman Empire. The Christian message of...

Category: Acts

Looking Intently

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | April 27, 2020

Ever noticed how some people you talk to look at you very intently when you talk? You can tell that they are totally attending to you. They see you, which means you matter. And have...

Category: Acts

Witness to the Ends of the Earth

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | April 19, 2020

We all have certain assumptions as we interpret our world. Certainly, the disciples did, and Jesus was forever challenging their assumptions. Even in our story today, the disciples didn’t really know who the risen Christ...

Category: Easter

A Resurrection Story for the Real World

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | April 12, 2020

So, it’s Easter. And this year we look at Mark’s version of the resurrection narrative. By anyone’s reckoning, Mark’s version is the most anticlimactic and downbeat of all the Gospel accounts. There is no encounter...

Category: Good Friday

A Cure For the Sickness Unto Death

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | April 10, 2020

We are all living in a strange reality these days, avoiding other people “like the plague,” as the expression goes. Quite a relevant expression, isn’t it? Plagues and pandemics have always been a part of...