Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | July 23, 2017

This unity is given to us now as gift and promise, to celebrate, to live, to work for. Even if it is not yet complete.


In Praise of Praising

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | July 16, 2017

Many people make the mistake of compartmentalizing religion and faith, relegating God to church and heaven. Meanwhile, the real world and real life as we know it are too compromised, too much of a mess,...


The Pit and the Opportunity

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | July 02, 2017

For his anger is but a moment; his favor is for a lifetime. So says the psalmist about God. Some might say, well, this is an overly optimistic view of God. This is from someone...


I Guess We are Like Sheep

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | June 25, 2017

In a way, it’s strange. Psalm 23 is so familiar to us, but the shepherding world it references is certainly not familiar. A little knowledge about sheep and shepherding can help us understand in new...


Lament and Thanksgiving

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | June 18, 2017

Sometimes we have to read the riot act to each other. When I was a basketball player in high school, I played point guard and sometimes the coach would yell at me: “Strommen, have you...


The Lord is Worthy of Praise

Speaker: Jim Vitale | June 11, 2017

Please join me in reading the words of Psalm 100 again. 1 A Thanksgiving Psalm Shout out to the LORD, all the earth, 2 worship the LORD in rejoicing, come before Him in glad song....


No More Gerrymandering with God

Speaker: Pastor John Strommen | May 07, 2017

Does God run things for us, or do we usually do what we think is best? Where is God in this whole thing we call faith and church? Up “there” while we run the store...


The Road to Emmaus

Speaker: Pastor Bill Wilson | May 01, 2017

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen Today’s account from Luke is probably not the most-remembered one in church circles, and it’s probably not one that...