Speaker: | September 08, 2020

About six weeks ago, Pastor John asked me if I could cover for him today. I told him I’d be glad to do so. Then when I read the assigned readings, I thought to myself,...


Rock and Stumbling Block Both

Speaker: | August 31, 2020

Those of you from my era or older may remember Jim Marshal of the Minnesota Vikings. He was a great player, one of the “rocks” from those classic Viking teams – the Super Bowl Viking...


Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Speaker: | August 09, 2020

Ever wish you could take it back? When my older brother, Jim, was 13 or 14, he had a few issues with attitude. One time, he commented unfavorably on mom’s cooking, suggesting dog food might...


The Hidden and the Small

Speaker: | July 27, 2020

So, how do you like today’s rapid-fire images of the what the kingdom of heaven is like? This is a great topic, because people of faith are often mystified by what the kingdom of heaven...


Time We Talk About Weed

Speaker: | July 19, 2020

As I reflect on this text today of the wheat and the weeds, I remember well when my then 5-year-old son, Thomas, was first coming to grips with the fact that there were bad people...


Life Itself Can Be Good Soil

Speaker: | July 12, 2020

So, what does it take for something to grow? A farmer or a gardener is preoccupied with this question. So, too, are people of faith. How does faith grow? This is the question behind the...


A Cup Can Be More Than A Cup

Speaker: | June 28, 2020

And whoever shares a cup of cold water with one of these little ones also shares it with me…famous words of Jesus about a simple act of hospitality. Such a cup signals welcome not only...


Not Peace, But Division

Speaker: | June 21, 2020

My mother tells the story of when she was the leader of a women’s circle group from church that met at our home. At one point an older woman named Mayella joined the group. Mayella...