Sermons by Pastor John Strommen


Please Lord, Be With My Mouth

Speaker: | September 29, 2019

Called upon to be the mouthpiece of God and liberator of his people, Moses was reluctant. You see, his speaking ability was not great. Yet God assured Moses not once but twice, that I, God,...


And In This Corner

Speaker: | September 22, 2019

So, Jacob was preparing to meet his brother, Esau. However, these two fraternal twins had some unresolved issues. Even in the womb Jacob grabbed at Esau’s heel, attempting to become the firstborn. Esau was born...


The Theology of Laughter

Speaker: | September 16, 2019

We begin with two depictions of laughter: one from a space cowboy fantasy called Guardians of the Galaxy, where we witness sarcastic laughter about what is truly possible…and the next is the laughter of celebration,...


In the Garden

Speaker: | September 09, 2019

It has been observed many times that we humans have three basic spiritual and emotional needs: Belonging, Purpose, and Transcendence. The need for belonging is the need for community with other human The need for...


Why Pray

Speaker: | July 29, 2019

Let’s talk about prayer today. For some people, prayer means stringing together a bunch of religious words. When Clark Griswold was invited to say a prayer remembering a recently deceased relative, he struggled a little...


That Was Then, This Is Now

Speaker: | July 07, 2019

As some of you have experienced, I am a proponent of the practice called dwelling in the Word. This is a practice that invites each person to listen to a text that is read and...