Sermons by Pastor John Strommen


Economy of God

Speaker: | March 18, 2019

Before I read the gospel lesson today, I want to show you a film clip from “Les Misérables,” the movie, not the musical. Jean Valjean has just been released from prison and pledged to become...


About Forgiveness

Speaker: | March 10, 2019

Often times, the preferred God of our culture is depicted as a “no-fault” God, giving unconditional pardons to everyone for all that we do. No questions asked. This is natural for a culture like ours...

Look and Listen

Look and Listen

Speaker: | March 03, 2019

I was just in Colorado last weekend on a ski trip with three of my friends – yes, there are actually people who will admit to being my friends. Quite apart from skiing, my friend...


A Matter of Perspective

Speaker: | February 19, 2019

The late comedian Flip Wilson had a funny bit on prayer. “Hey, I’m talkin’ to God right now. Anyone want anything?” This is how people tend to view prayer. You ask God for things you...



Speaker: | February 03, 2019

On Friday night, I had the opportunity to go to Orchestra Hall for a symphony with my oldest son, Thomas, the saxophone player. We had dinner, enjoyed a great concert, ran into Thomas’s cousin and...


The New Kingdom Takes Shape

Speaker: | January 13, 2019

Ah, January. The time of year many Americans resolve to do battle with their humanity. You know, during the holidays, every time we walk by a box of chocolates or peanut M and M’s, we...


The Other Side of Christmas

Speaker: | January 06, 2019

Welcome to the Christmas story according to Matthew! While Luke’s version is an intimate little affair, taking place in a stable with shepherds and farm animals, Matthew’s version is the opposite. It’s about royalty. A...


Holes In the Darkness

Speaker: | December 26, 2018

When the Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson was a child in 19th century Scotland, the story is told that one night his nanny came into his nursery to put him to bed. She found the...