Service of Lament

Living in a time such as this, we experience all kinds of emotions. We often feel isolated by the pervasive reality of COVID-19. We are heartbroken and sad over George Floyd’s death, the protests and the riots that have rocked our nation. These are times when grieving and lamenting is healthy, natural and good. Much of the Bible consists of laments, people who are openly grieving about their broken world that seems to stay broken!

The ELCA pastors of our North Minneapolis conference have put together an online lament service for you all, consisting of prayer, scripture, music, images and original material. While Pastor John helped select the Psalms to be read, he was not free for the recording of it. It’s 25 minutes in length and perhaps will be meaningful for you as a private worship experience on one of those days when you feel sad, or simply want to embrace in worship form what has happened/is happening in our world.

Download the Order of Worship

Video participants:

  • Pastor Eric Hoffer of Salem Lutheran Church in North Minneapolis
  • Interim Pastor Susan Masters of Gustavus Adolphus Church in Northeast Minneapolis
  • Pastor Mike Rusert of Intertwine in Northeast Minneapolis
  • Pastor Emmy Kegler of Grace Lutheran Church in Northeast Minneapolis
  • Pastor Barb VanDrasek of Gethsemane Lutheran Church in North Minneapolis

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