Share your good news!

Share your good news!

Submitting a short video to Mt. Carmel

We are looking for your faith stories to share on Facebook and the Mt. Carmel website. Share where you’ve seen God this week, your favorite Bible story or share a short children’s message. What would you like to share with the Mt. Carmel community? What’s your good news? Drop us a video!

To make this process easier, we’ve put together tips to help you out.

  • Videos must be under 4 minutes.
  • Please note, we will not be editing them in any way so what you send is what we post.
  • Don’t include video or music clips unless they are original and created by you.
  • Make sure you’re close to the microphone and check to make sure the sound is loud and clear when you’re done recording.
  • Film in good lighting! Don’t put yourself in front of a bright window, light or reflective surface. Most cameras don’t compensate for the bright light behind you, leaving your face in shadows. Sometimes setting a lamp somewhere in front of you (and even removing the shade) can give you better lighting.
  • Be aware of what is behind you. Does a plant make you look like you have on a weird hat? Maybe move it or shift position. Also, don’t stand directly in front of a wall. Take a few steps out (or scoot your chair forward) to help hide dark shadows.

**Please remember: This video will be public and visible to everyone. Please consider this if you include your children in your video or wish to have a message from your children included online.**

Sending us your file

Video files are usually too large to email. To make transfer as easy as possible, we are asking you to send your videos to us via a free, online site called WeTransfer. You don’t even have to make an account to use the service!

To send the file (please do not email your videos):

  • Visit
  • For the “Email to:” Field, send the file to jenni@jennilathrop
  • Use your own email
  • In the message box, please include:
    • Your first and last name (and names of anyone else in the video)
    • What kind of video this is (faith story, children’s message, God sighting, Bible Story, etc.)
    • Your phone number

If you have any technical questions about this process, please contact Jenni Lathrop at

If you have any content questions, please contact Pastor John at


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