Small Group Meeting Protocols

Sign hanging from two clips that says "Facemasks are required at all times"

The COVID-19 Task Force has decided to allow small group meetings in the church building effective immediately. We have created protocols for these meetings. A PDF version of the document is here.

  1. Only two (2) rooms will be available at this time: Room 104 (money counters’ room), and the Choir Room. No other rooms may be used for small group meetings at this time.
    1. Maximum occupancy for Room 104 is 6 people.
    2. Maximum occupancy for the Choir Room is 14.
  2. Meetings must be scheduled with the Church Administrator at least one day in advance, and must include time to wipe down and disinfect all contacted surfaces in the rooms at the end of the meeting.
    1. The Church Administrator will reserve the room requested or the room appropriate to the size of the meeting, and will note the name and contact information for the meeting organizer.
    2. Meetings will be limited to one AM and one PM meeting per day. Exceptions need to be requested and approved by the Church Administrator and Preparedness Plan Administrator.
    3. If possible, the meeting participants names should also be provided, but if needed for purposes of contact tracing in the event of a possible infection, the meeting organizer is responsible for having the contact information for all attendees.
    4. The Church Administrator will keep a record of all meetings held in the building along with the organizer contact information for a period of at least 14 days.
  3. Prior to the meeting, all participants must perform a self-check for symptoms or possible exposure to COVID-19 (see self-check guide). If any of the criteria in the self-check are met, the participant should not attend the meeting. In addition, if a participant knows of a potential exposure to the virus within the last 2 weeks, they should not attend the meeting.
    1. Meeting attendees should be aware of the Mt. Carmel COVID-19 Preparedness Plan and should adhere to all applicable portions of that document. This document is in the rooms and is available on our website.
  4. Per state and city regulations, masks must be worn at all times in the building.
  5. Meeting attendees must proceed directly to the meeting room and avoid contact with any other spaces except the hallways and stairs leading to the meeting room. Enter through the day care door and go down the stairs.
  6. Doors to the room being used must be closed during the meeting.
  7. Any materials brought into the building by a meeting attendee should be contained, and all materials should be removed by the attendee at the conclusion of the meeting.
    1. Any surfaces contacted by the materials must be disinfected after the meeting.
      1. Cleaning materials will be provided.
      2. Hand sanitizer will be available in the rooms.
  8. Participants should maintain proper physical distancing of at least six feet during the meeting and physical contact must be avoided.
  9. Participants may use a designated restroom (unisex bathroom next to) if needed and must disinfect contacted surfaces after use.
      1. Water fountains may not be used.
      2. Food and drink should not be served or shared during the meeting.
  10. At the conclusion of the meeting, participants must disinfect all contacted surfaces in the room (tables, chairs, door handles, white boards, etc.) prior to leaving. Cleaning products will be provided by the church.
      1. Once disinfected, the room should be promptly vacated. If a participant needs to go back into the room for any reason, the surfaces must be disinfected again.
  11. If any of these requirements are not met prior to or during the meeting, that group and/or meeting organizer will be contacted and may lose privileges to using the space.
  12. The Church Administrator or the COVID-19 Preparedness Plan Administrator may be contacted if there are any questions about these procedures.

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