Watching worship on Sunday mornings

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During this stay-at-home time for Minnesotans, Mt. Carmel has moved our Sunday morning worship to Facebook Live. This is an easy-to-use, accessible and free platform for us to use to worship together as a community.

You do not have to have a Facebook account to watch our worship live (or recorded!).

To use Facebook Live, you will need to be have a device (computer, tablet or mobile device) connected to the internet. Because of the way Facebook algorithms work, you will probably have to find the live video instead of waiting for the video to appear on your Facebook feed. Hopefully this quick guide will help you get connected.

Watching the live video

To watch any of our live videos, visit Mt. Carmel’s Facebook video page. If you visit the page while the Live video is in process, you will see a red “LIVE” tag on the video image. Click on that video and you should be good to go.

Image of the Facebook video page with the live tag highlighted

If you visit the page before the live feed starts, you may have to refresh your browser page to view the Live feed.

Facebook also allows users to receive notifications when a page they follow goes live. While you will still need to be on Facebook when worship begins to see the notification, a notification is an easy way to get right to the video as it begins. You can find details for setting page notifications in this Facebook Help article.

(Visit the Mt. Carmel Facebook page here.)

Watching the recorded video

If you missed watching worship live, never fear. Facebook keeps our recorded videos for you to access any time. Simply visit the video page on your device, select the video and watch worship. You can also find past worship videos on our website news page.

When you visit our website to watch recorded videos, you will also find links to each week’s order of worship and announcements.

How do I follow along?

For now, the best way to follow along is to download the order of worship we post to our website each week (and again at the beginning of the Facebook Live event). You can either print it out or have it ready on another device (or even have two windows open on your computer).

We understand this is not the ideal process. Our worship team has been working to make online worship easier. While our physical sanctuary has a great video screen and sound system, neither are currently set up to use with recorded worship. To make sure that viewers are able to see AND hear Pastor John (who is not wearing a mic) during the recording, it’s almost impossible to make the screen readable. And because we are using equipment provided by our volunteers, moving the camera around (and zooming in) has proven to be more complicated than expected.

To that end, our worship and technology teams are researching possibilities for the short term and even the long term of online worship.

Sometimes, glitches happen

It’s not ideal, but sometimes, glitches happen when filming these live. Internet connections can drop out, the Facebook server can hang up, computers become unresponsive. When those happen as you’re watching, reload your browser or even restart your computer. When they happen on our end, be assured we are trying to get everything fixed so you don’t miss too much.

Thank you!

Thank you for being on this journey with us. Stay-at-home life while important is difficult for everyone and being able to worship together as a community helps us all to remember the grace and hope we have through God.


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