Part of living together as members of a faith community means  supporting each other in times of need. At. Mt. Carmel, we have several ways to care for each other. Please use the contact form below to request pastoral or lay care.

Pastoral Care

Would you like to receive a visit, call or prayer from our pastor or meet at church about a concern?

Prayer Chain

Our prayer chain provides spiritual support and healing for parishioners and their families and friends. When placing someone on the prayer chain, please obtain their permission when giving full names and circumstances. All prayers are kept confidential to our prayer team. The prayer requests need not come with an explanation. A patient or caregiver may prefer privacy. A request can just be a top-line explanation, such as, “Please pray for a woman who’s moving into long-term care on Monday,” or “Add Taylor to the prayer list.” Our prayer chain participants make every attempt to share information right away. If we receive word that the situation of one of the prayer recipients has changed, that update will be communicated to the prayer chain so they can adjust their prayers.

Prayers can also be added to our weekly worship and bulletin upon request.

Befrienders Ministry

This is a ministry that focuses on lay ministers providing pastoral care on behalf of Mt. Carmel’s faith community by listening to and understanding other people’s stories. It is rooted in the call to ministry which we receive in Christian baptism, and it is an expression of what Martin Luther called the priesthood of all believers. Befrienders are available to journey with persons as they go through a variety of life crises such as an illness, loss of a loved one, divorce and job loss.

Befrienders receive training in active listening skills, so they can be a caring, nonjudgmental presence for people in time of crisis.

Each Befriender schedules visits to meet at convenient times for both persons.

I would like to receive care.

To be added to our prayer list or contacted by a Befriender or pastor, please complete this form.

Everything sent is kept in confidence