Our Mission

Learn, Live and Share God’s Word

What does our mission mean?

LEARN God's Word

We learn God’s Word when we gather around the written Word—the Bible—and the living Word—Jesus Christ—to discover together that we belong to God, who has given us a new life and narrative.

LIVE God's Word

When we live God’s Word, we serve as agents of God’s work in the everyday world through our faith and unique gifts. In fact, God is at work through us no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

SHARE God's Word

We share God’s Word when we participate with God by loving our neighbors in all the dimensions of their lives, seeking Spirit-led community with them, and engaging in advocacy on their behalf.

Our Sunday Schedule

9:30 a.m. – Worship

10:45 – Sunday School

11:00 – Adult Forum

Join Us Sunday!

All are welcome!

We invite everyone to worship with us Sunday mornings!

Then join us for fellowship downstairs in Fellowship Hall after the worship service and stay for Sunday School and Adult Forum!

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What If Jesus Came to Your Party?
Church Calendar
Upcoming events

Congregational Annual Meeting & Potluck

Sunday, Fellowship Hall

"Where Are We Now?"

Tuesday, Fellowship Hall

Friday Volunteers Needed!

Mount Carmel supports the Sheridan Story’s effort to combat hunger in our community.  The Sheridan Story provides food for students to take home each weekend of the school year. Volunteers pack lockers with food bags for about 50 students at Waite Park Elementary on Friday afternoons, every other month.  If you are interested in helping please contact the office or Matti.Gurney@gmail.com