Thank you for generously supporting Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church.

You can support the ministry of Mt. Carmel Lutheran church through your weekly offering. We offer several ways to donate to Mt. Carmel:

✔️ Set up weekly, automatic online donations through the Vanco GivePlus Simply Giving program.

✔️ Give a special one-time online donation through Vanco GivePlus Simply Giving program.

✔️  Mail your donation check directly to the church office at Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church, 1701 St. Anthony Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55418.

Unless specified otherwise, gifts given online will be placed in our general fund.

We offer several additional ways to support the ministry of Mt. Carmel:

You can give a gift to the church in honor or memory of an individual or group. You can decide whether these gifts go towards specific funds, like the Foundation or the Minibus, or whether they go towards the general fund. We recognize memorial giving every month in our newsletter.

Pledging can go hand-in-hand with online giving or in-church giving. Every fall, if you feel called, you can make a financial pledge to Mt. Carmel for the following year. Why do we ask for pledges? It helps us create our budget and plan for the following year!

You can also include Mt. Carmel in your will. Unless stated for a specific use, Mt. Carmel’s Council will determine the best use for the gift.

Consider donations or an estate plan that includes the Mt. Carmel Foundation.

The Foundation has received gifts ranging from $5 to $100,000 over the years. Gifts are usually received in the form of bequests and memorials, and are invested in perpetuity with the interest spent on vital ministry support.

The Foundation supports various Mt. Carmel ministries such as higher education scholarships, staff development, lay leader training, facility repair and renovation, and program supplies and equipment.